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The Westchester County Department of Health is alerting parents and guardians that there has been a rare, but serious, childhood inflammatory disease reported among children and teens with a possible link to COVID-19. The New York State Department of Health is currently investigating over 100 cases of severe illness in children and child deaths that may be related to COVID-19 where children are experiencing symptoms similar to Kawasaki disease and toxic shock-like syndrome. Please be advised that you should seek immediate medical care for your child if he or she develops any of the following symptoms:

  • Prolonged fever (more than five days)

  • Difficulty feeding (infants) or too sick to drink fluids

  • Severe abdominal pain, diarrhea or vomiting

  • Change in skin color - becoming pale, patchy and/or blue

  • Trouble breathing or breathing very quickly

  • Racing heart or chest pain

  • Decreased amount of frequency in urine

  • Lethargy, irritability or confusion

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After over 20 years of work in urgent care and family medicine, Dr. Anupama Pani MD has opened Immediate Medical Care MD as a private practice. Our medical facility is staffed with caring, capable and professional medical experts.

Appointments are never required - Walk-in visits are always welcome.



The Ossining Hispanic Parents Committee pays a well-deserved tribute of recognition to Dr. Anupama Pani, declaring her a HERO in the COVID Pandemic19. She works at "Immediate Medical Care MD" in Ossining, where she has demonstrated exceptional professionalism and charisma, risking her health. Today we publicly acknowledge her hard work and care provided to the Ossining Community, especially to our Hispanic families. She became an angel to many of us who felt hopeless, without attention and rejected by many doctors. She not only provided COVID testing but also examined us personally; at the same time, she gave us medicine to alleviate symptoms and pneumonia, thus saving many lives. The hour of her office did not matter. She works long, late nights. Nobody was rejected at the center, contrary to other places that told us there is not enough test or if you have symptoms, stay home and take Tylenol. She was the only one that made us feel like we were not alone. She is exceptional and continues to work with great dedication. Congratulations to the quality of a person she is, we are eternally grateful! Thank you, Dr. Pani and her team for their hard work and commitment to the Ossining Hispanic Community.

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Our new office is a full urgent care center and private medical practice. We have the equipment to offer X-ray and laboratory diagnostics on-site.

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We offer everything from adult and child vaccinations and physicals to minor surgical procedures, and we serve patients as young as two years old.

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We strive to keep our services as accessible as possible, so we take a wide variety of health insurance plans. Call us to ask about your insurance.

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